Kebaowek Health Center 




To deliver Health Prevention and Wellness Programs and Services to our members with respect and courtesy and to ensure they have equal access to all health services they are entitled to.






To empower, promote and encourage healthy lifestyles whereas illness, disease and addictions no longer threaten our people.  That our health status in no way sets us apart from the rest of the Canadians in a negative way.  That all members of our Nation live their lives to the fullest in a healthy and holistic manner.




Guiding Values


Respect of Others’ Lifestyle Choices


People are the first ones responsible for their health and they are entitled to make their own choices. It is the responsibility of the Health Centre to give them the proper information but not to interfere in their decisions as long as it doesn’t jeopardized others’ health or quality of life.





People are entitled to respect of their personal life and privacy. Thus we, Health and Wellness Workers, will perform our duties while respecting their right to confidentiality.





Trust amongst us, Health Workers and the members of the population are a central axis of our way of working. Such value is completed by the autonomy that we should each show and the solidarity amongst ourselves that will benefit and help all of us.



Open to Suggestion (Non-Judgmental)


The Kebaowek Health Centre is not a self-sufficient institution and it doesn’t claim to know all the answers: thus listening to others’ opinion and using eventual criticisms for the betterment of our services will contribute to a healthy attitude.





We, the Health and Wellness Workers of Kebaowek, think that we cannot be concerned with the physical and mental health of our community, if we don’t care about the people and the condition they live in.